Home & Auto Insurance

Combined Coverage for Better Benefits.

You need the best coverage to fit your needs. John DeVries Agency’s insurance specialists can help you. We are here to serve you by finding the best insurance program with great benefits and options specifically for you.

When you combine your home and auto insurance policies not only will you get the best coverage options for your needs, you’ll also be eligible for money-saving discounts. A guaranteed full year policy term for your auto, On Your Side® insurance protection, as well as 24-hour Customer and Claim service.

Additional Bonuses

There are many other benefits to combining Home and Auto Insurance. Single deductibles if your home and car are damaged because of the same event, emergency lockout coverage, accidental death benefits, and airbag replacement from accidental deployment.

An insurance specialist from John DeVries Agency, will sit down with you one-on one to make sure you are receiving the best benefits and discounts from your insurance policy. Call today to learn more about the great discounts and bonuses benefits you may be eligible for by combining your home and auto policies.

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